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Friday, May 20, 2005
The good stuff
From the local paper:

Teen girls' dream comes true as hundreds celebrate completion of 12-screen downtown movie theater

"Not so long ago in a galaxy nearby, seven young maidens grew tired of bowling every Saturday night.

As 12-year-olds, they dreamed of a movie palace for Petaluma. Their teenage years began slipping away with hardly a glimpse of their beloved Johnny Depp.

They organized and lobbied the lords of Petaluma, and even went to the lair of the great and powerful George Lucas to seek advice.

Finally, a theater came their way.

And the maidens, now 15 and 16, old enough to wear evening gowns, were invited to a special soiree Tuesday to receive their reward."

I thought this was a cool article - it was front page center in the Wednesday paper. So often the positive stuff is hidden in the back pages of the "Local News" section.


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