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Thursday, May 05, 2005
More Social Security .....
From The Dark Wraith :

First Impugn Honor; All Else Will Then Perish

"Over the past several months, President Bush has made a concerted effort to promote his plan to alter the Social Security system that has successfully provided for retired Americans for seven decades. In his zeal to diminish the credibility of the existing system, he has gone so far as to describe the assets held by the Social Security Trust as "a bunch of IOUs in a drawer." He said he saw them there.. . ."To pose that the Social Security system must somehow be fundamentally redesigned because of the normal course by which deficit-riddled, tax-averse Administrations generate funds is to demand that the lender be punished for the irresponsibility of the borrower. It does not occur to Mr. Cheney and Mr. Bush that their constant refrain of low taxes has put the government in the position of being forced to constantly refinance debt with further debt. It occurs to them only to evicerate a social insurance program that is ideologically at odds with their vision of the way the federal government should interact with its citizens."

. . . ."To those who claim that this plan by the neo-conservatives could destroy the Social Security system, the response is almost too obvious to state: The point is not that this could
wreck the system; the point is that, by its very nature, Mr. Bush's plan will.

And that means, from the perspective of the neo-conservative radicals who now control the United States, the plan will be highly successful."

whole article here

(I like reading Wraith's articles, they detailed yet understandable, probably because he teaches this stuff.)


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