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Sunday, May 08, 2005
Mother's Day
We took my mom sight-seeing for Mother's Day. We had planned where we would go, but come the afternoon it was pouring rain. What the heck, she needed to get out of her little house for awhile. So off we went. The traffic was bad but going slowly over the Golden Gate was just fine with her. Visibility wasn't too bad, even with the light rain. We drove on down thru the Presidio, past the Legion of Honor (art museum) and eventually past the Cliff House. Mom talked about some of the places she and my dad had gone in the city, a favorite restaurant by the beach, Robert's, I think she said.

We toured on around thru the city, eventually turning back north along Fillmore Street. She wasn't prepared for this - Fillmore is one of the very steep streets that you often see in the movies - car chase scenes down the steep streets. Anyway she didn't think it was funny - - - nope, but she was laughing about it by the time we reached the Marina.

I took these pictures from the north end of the Golden Gate looking back towards the city, during a brief break in the rain.

It was a good trip.


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