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Thursday, May 12, 2005
Women belong in the . . .
From today's WaPo:
"Brushing aside opposition from top Army leaders, a House subcommittee approved a measure yesterday that would ban women from serving in certain support units in a bid to keep them out of "direct ground combat."
The vote is likely to escalate a political debate that has simmered in Washington since last fall over the role of women in war zones, as the insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan have engaged women in battle and killed and wounded female soldiers."

This is outragious! Oh my gosh, women were engaged in battle and killed or wounded! No kidding! They are in the Army! They volunteered for the Army AND COMBAT!

I have to ask. Why is someone's daughter, wife, sister, or mother MORE VALUABLE than someone's son, husband, brother, or father? Really. Please tell me.

This has nothing to do with what women want and what women can do and everything to do with some Victorian notion of the little woman and where she belongs.


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