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Saturday, March 03, 2007
A fairwell and a comback ...
Jesse at "Life or Something Like It" is throwing in the towel. I'll miss his bizarre sense of humor and level headed political commentary. Actually... it's not Jesse that I miss but Jesse's conversations with Pear. I liked Pear, we share a similar world view.

However! Charlie at Pusillanimous Wanker is back! A solid voice on the Left, he is returning, well, gradually.


Not yet
Will start the new job on Monday, delayed from last Thursday. OK by me - had a week off, well, sort of. Actually worked at home on the old company books. Dropped it off at the CPA on Wednesday, had tons of things to do around the house, since I've been working some long hours trying to wrap up a the old job.
No. I didn't get time to ride the horse. It's now 4:30 and a bit late to head up to the barn. OK. So I did go shooting today and had a fine time out in the sunshine with friends and my new bow.

Oh and got the laundry done. Big woop there.. :-P


The bow up close
Unstrung, leaning against the den door. It's 68" long, made mostly of walnut.

Has a nice feel, smooth to shoot. Mmmm, mmmm!

The new longbow . .
A friend of mine shooting the new "Viper Delux"

Compare it to the french recurve in this photo.

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