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Monday, April 30, 2007
A Thinking Blogger

When DC said this, I thought he said, “stinking Blogger”, no doubt in reference to our difference of opinion on several topics. But he said, “Thinking Blogger”. Thank you, DC. I am impressed that I make you think. Time to do some writing . . .

But the point of this is to also name bloggers who make me think. This is difficult – I mostly read blogs to laugh, nod, comment, and move on. I was supposed to think? DC makes me think, but mostly about whether or not he’s certifiable.

First in line is Democratic Veteran. He lays it on the line, I always find myself nodding as I read his stuff, and then usually laughing as well. He’s Lefter than I am. He wins the “most sarcastic” award every time.

Second is Alternate Brain. Why is it I find myself repeating – I enjoy his writing and he makes me laugh? No, more than that, he makes me think by pointing out little bits that I've missed.

It should be noted that unless you can make me laugh, you've pretty much lost my attention. This normally includes blogs that are simply ranting - Left or Right. I don't go back unless I'm entertained. OK, so Jesus' General rants but he does it in such an entertaining fashion that I go back all the time.

Third is Nick at Progressive Blog Digest. Oddly he makes me think because he does the legwork for the background to his comments, you can read his thinking in the linkies to articles. And I do – go read the articles for myself and go “hmmm….”

None of these people will be playing the Thinking Blogger game . . . what does this mean? I would hit up Charlie the Wanker, ‘cept he is lost in thought. It’s hard to criticize since HIS last post was the same date as MY last post, so that looks to be the pot calling the pot black.

Fourth is American Dinosaur.- I read his posts and groan and then do the research and think about what he’s saying. I don’t agree, but I think about it. Oh yeah, and he’s also very funny. Check the “Earth Day” post…. and, he just might do the "Thinking Blogger" thingy . . . Never hurts to ask.


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