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Sunday, December 26, 2004
Are you truly a denizen of net culture?
Take The Scotsman's
"Lazy Guide to Net Culture: Christmas quizzery - If you want to appear like you're at the cutting edge of net culture but can't be bothered to spend hours online, then never fear. Scotsman.com's pathetic team of geeks, freaks and gimps will do the hard work for you. While you sip wine, read a book or engage in normal social interaction, they will burn out their retinas staring at badly designed web pages and dodge creeps in chatrooms to prepare for you: Scotmsn.com's lazy guide to net culture."
They then give you a list of clues to web-sites. If you can identify their series of web-sites from the clues, you will come up with a "geek-rating". Not much better than other geek-rating sites except that at the end there is a list of web sites, some of them very very funny, some are decidedly odd, that are worth cruising through. My vote is for the site with the cute little tree frog...with teeth and an odd look to him that suggests he might eat more than flies.
I scored 4 out of 10 and got a "Good" rating. I'm sure that you guys can beat that! ;-)

Too lazy to take the quiz?
Be sure to check out: Drudge Retort ;-) and B3TA for the frog.


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