Julie with a B

Thursday, December 16, 2004
Corruptible? Not!
My friend (?) JR, over at Texican Tattler, (Ha! check that out, JR, I did the linky thing! Woohoo!) opined that I was corruptable. I was snorting and mumbling "I think not!" as I emailed my cousin. She begs to differ with me, she said that almost anything could be had in trade for dark chocolate or good Scotch. Oh. Well. Maybe alot of dark chocolate and very vey expensive Scotch. Like, Laphroig, or if you're strapped for cash a 20 yr old Balvenie. Straight up. No ice. Never could figure out why someone would ruin good Scotch with ice.

OK, OK. I can be bought. But you'll have to work at it.


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