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Thursday, December 23, 2004
Furor on the river...
Fur protests threaten to split Guerneville
"There is nothing soft or cuddly about the fight over furs in Guerneville this holiday season, as animal rights activists square off against the newly opened Kings & Queens Vintage Clothing store."

This is for all you guys that really look for this stuff. The classic Left Coast brouhaha. Really.

"What started as a protest against just one small store has grown into picketing of two stores, threats of boycotts against all Guerneville merchants and what some are calling an insensitive statement by activists comparing the used fur coats to Nazi lampshades made of human skin."

Sigh. Yeah. Can't believe I'm posting this....
Guerneville is a small town on the Russian River. In the 60's-70's became a Hippie haven, and continues to be a town for those looking for the alternative lifestyle, now particularly if you are, uh, batting for the other team. Oddly enough it is plunked down, smack dab in the middle of a rural agricultural right leaning part of the county. Always something interesting happening in Guerneville.


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