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Saturday, December 18, 2004
Guilty Pleasures
And there are many. However. Every year the Santa Rosa Symphony and Choir put on the "Sing Along Messiah". Nice piece of music with some challenging soprano parts. Oh yeah! So I grabbed my music book and went out the door. I always buy my ticket ahead of time and kind of wander casually in. The lights went down and the music started.
I had a great time. I always do. AND I had made it through the intermission without having to explain what a nice Jewish girl was doing at the sing along Messiah. I was actually feeling a little guilty about it, because, once again, I had gotten away with it. Anyhow at the end, as the applause died down and the lights came up, I glanced over at the woman sitting across the aisle from me...and looked straight into the eyes of the rabbi's wife. She looked a little sheepish and said, "It's OK, I come every year."


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