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Thursday, December 16, 2004
More "Blue News"
New York Times has an article on the failure of the current missile program.


(That "failure to launch", such a guy sort of problem. What do think, drugs would fix this? Anybody want to recommend their favorite??)

"After a rocket carrying a mock warhead as a target was launched from Kodiak, Alaska, the interceptor, which was intended to go aloft 16 minutes later and home in on the target 100 miles over the earth, automatically shut down because of "an unknown anomaly," according to the Missile Defense Agency of the Defense Department."

(OK, so he's shooting blanks, that isn't a functional problem...maybe it's being interrupted by that "unknown anomaly". Usually if you lock the door it keeps the kids out.)

"The agency says the tests are devised to answer specific questions and "to build confidence in the system that we are working to design." Although individual tests are expensive, Mr. Lehner said, fewer are necessary than with missiles of years past because of advanced modeling and simulation techniques. "

So how much time and money do you need? Really?


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