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Tuesday, December 21, 2004
One law for all
This is an article in reference to the use of Sharia Muslim law -
We should all be listening to what's happening in Canada. To quote the Montreal Gazette:
"This equal treatment under the law is at the heart of what it is to be a Canadian. Religious-based laws - Christian, Muslim, Jewish or any other - have no place in our system. The state is the font of justice, and strives mightily, if sometimes imperfectly, to make that justice - from criminal sentencing to child support - uniform. Equality under the law cannot be sub-contracted to religious, or any other, organizations."

"This has been part of a trend to "alternative dispute-settlement mechanisms," which are not a bad thing. Any time a compromise can be reached on a fair basis and short of a costly court case, everybody wins, at least in theory. And if such a process breaks down, for any reason, there is always recourse to the courts."

"Consider a hypothetical immigrant wife from Pakistan, who speaks little French nor English. She has no money of her own; she has no idea that she has legal rights other than those her husband or imam choose to tell her about; she believes that her legal right to reside in Canada is entirely dependent on her husband.
Taken to a Sharia court and divorced, she might be left with almost none of the family's assets. There is little or no chance that this woman would know how to complain, or to whom."


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