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Friday, December 17, 2004
"To kvetch is human... to act is divine"
I poached that directly off of another blog spot - The Velveteen Rabbi
OK, why would I be there? Well because I am Jewish. Now, I wanted to point this out for a really good reason. I have a somewhat different world view than some of you. But I have alot of fun with it. Don't go tippy toeing around this.
Several years ago I had a commute partner who was very Republican and very Catholic. We would get in the car in the morning, yes, I would bring my cafe mocha from Wolf's coffee and he had his plain black Folgers-from-a-can coffee. If I was driving the radio was tuned to the local Public Broadcasting Station. If he was driving we had a string of stuff, but Rush Limbaugh, Monday night football, and occasionally a show called Aryan Nation. We would, um, discuss all the way to work - it was an hour and a half each way, so we had plenty of time to build up a head of steam. John was Irish/Italian and I can tell you he could really get into it. We debated, discussed, world news stuff, office stuff, religious stuff, we worked it all out. We both worked at Waite Group Press, a computer book publisher. He was head of Editorial and I was Business Manager. We had alot of fun. Shared some tough times - the company was a start up and we worked hella long hours, then a couple years of best sellers, champagne and pizza, and then the company was sold to Simon and Shuster. During the time we commuted he gained two sons and moved up to Sonoma County. This guy with a family and a good job, a degree in History from Univ of Calif at Davis, had this big dream, though. What? He really really wanted to be a police officer. And he eventually made it. So when you read about things going bad in San Francisco, there were a couple riots in November, you can laugh and make remarks about fruits and nuts, but at the same time say a prayer for my friend John, who is working as cop there.
I so miss getting to talk to him. Yes, he changed some of my opinions, but I changed some of his as well.
Here's the challenge for you right wing-nuts. You have to fill John's shoes. Come on down.


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