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Friday, December 17, 2004
Why don't women blog?
There is an article over on oxblog by David Adesnik. He yaps on about why women, ahem, "hot chicks" don't blog. I find it pretty humorous and not a little insulting. We can't lead? We are too timid to blog? OK, I'll concede points on the latter, because, well, if you read my very first post, you may understand how difficult it is for me to stand up here naked and not hidden behind the "comments". However since I live in California I've discussed it thoroughly with my therapist and after a double decaf latte, I'm pretty much OK with it.
I also think he's must not be really looking at what he's trolling through. I've run across more than a few blogs with women chatting happily along, and you guys missed it, they were trading pictures and other interesting bits of information. The reason my blog is called "Julie with a B" is that there are *lots* of other Julie's out there blogging and it's confusing.
As far as the leadership issue goes, I beg to differ there as well. Yes, I think it's easier in California. The publishing company where I worked in Marin, had 8 female managers out of 12 managers total. But my manager at Simon and Shuster in New Jersey was a lady person, and the COO of MacMillan Computer Book publishing headquartered in Indianapolis, also my boss, was a lady person. I am not saying that there are as many women managers as there are men, because there aren't. I'm just saying that it's not a leadership issue.


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