Julie with a B

Monday, May 09, 2005
Monday pun is baaa-ad

An animal orthodontist who practiced in Iowa was called one day by a frantic farmer in Australia. "Help sir!" he cried, "I just got braces and orthodontic equipment for 100 of my sheep, and the local sheep orthodontist just died! I need a responsible animal dentist to come care for my flock!"

The orthodontist was moved, and a good price was offered, so he promptly flew to Australia for what he figured would be a week or two of work.

But he found that he was entirely unfamiliar with the orthodontic equipment the sheep had been given, and he spent a whole six months in Australia trying to figure out the foreign braces.

When at last he boarded a plane for home, after half a year of frustrating work, he sighed with happiness.

"At last", he said, .... "I'll be seeing ewes in all the old familiar braces!"


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