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Friday, May 27, 2005
My mask, Tonto, he wanted my mask!
Apparently in W. Virginia it is illegal to wear masks except for very specific reasons.

Conversation between the Lone Ranger and W. Virginia State Policeman along a dark country road:

SP: Sir, you’ll have to remove your mask.

LR: Oh, no, you need to understand that this protects my identity!

SP: Precisely sir, that’s why you need to *remove* the mask

LR: But I work for the good of humankind! I right wrongs! I rescue the weak!

SP: OK, sir, Now step over to the side of the road and remove the mask!

LR: I wear a white hat! I help catch the bad guys!

SP: That’s my job, sir, you just leave it to me. Now REMOVE the mask!

(scuffling sounds, stage right)

SP: OK, now get this, just take the ma - - ow! That’s it!

(wet hissing sound)

LR: Ow! Stop what is that stuff! Burns my eyes! Silver!

(hoofbeats sliding to a stop)

SP: Hey! That thing bit me! What the heck, hey, get away, OW!

SP: (leaning into car for radio) Yeah, backup and animal control! Yes a horse! No its not funny and I am NOT joking! Ow ! Ow! Dang!

SP: Stop! I’m telling you to stop!

LR: OK, Silver, now! (boot steps) Hi Ho Silver! And awaaaayyyyy

(hoofbeats receding into distance, stage left)

(thank you Jess and Pear for the inspiration...) Cross-posted to Grand Centrist Station


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