Julie with a B

Tuesday, May 31, 2005
The next stop....
Next we come to “the tree”. This is one of the infamous “drive thru trees” that dot the tourist part of the area. While this variety of redwoods grows in many places, mostly in the coastal regions north of Santa Cruz, the tourist “Redwoods” begin just north of Laytonville. So 15 minutes after lunch we came to the drive thru tree, also known as the Chandeler tree. Turning off of the highway we paid the $5 entrance fee and wound down thru the giants to a large tree on the edge of a meadow. Slowing down, we crept through the center of the tree and out the other side. The occupants of the car showed the appropriate amazement with oohs and aahs. And then, of course, got out to look around.


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