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Tuesday, May 03, 2005
PBS.... Slate comments
Slate: "Fair and balanced and … public? In the latest example of backlash against the allegedly liberal news media, CPB Chairman Kenneth Tomlinson is "pressing public television to correct what he and other conservatives consider liberal bias," reports the New York Times. Among several controversial moves, Tomlinson reportedly hired an outside consultant to keep track of guests appearing on Now With Bill Moyers and urged public broadcasting officials to air a program hosted by the editor of the Wall Street Journal's conservative editorial page."

Doesn't exactly have anything scintillating to say, until - "On liberal Wills4223, the author buttresses his opinion on the state of PBS (thumbs down) with some background information on the aforementioned Corporation for Public Broadcasting: "Congress funds CPB two years in advance to 'shield it from momentary bursts of partisan anger," writes Will. "That was then. Now, the chairman of the CPB board is … a close friend of uber-strategist Karl Rove."

Yup, that's Will in Slate. Now mind you, Slate missed the fact that Will was actually quoting someone else. S'OK, nice to see your name up in lights, eh Will?


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