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Thursday, June 16, 2005
And what part of "Rural" and "Agricultural" did you not understand?
Santa Rosa has is own personal low hanging fug these days. I'd like to say that I hadn't noticed it, myself, but .... I have definately noted the eau d'bovine. We have had fairly wet weather since early spring and it is encouraging the barnyard smell and the whining and complaining of the more recent transplants to Santa Rosa who moved here because of the lovely scenery. Those aren't stage props, those are cows and chickens.
Smell that? It's fields slathered in manure
Sonoma County's farmers enrich their soil - and remind us of our agricultural roots

By Tim Tesconi

A rank odor reminiscent of manure-crusted cowboy boots has settled over Santa Rosa, reminding residents that this is still a farming county with cows and chickens.

The pervasive smell, which can hit from Rohnert Park to Windsor, has residents wrinkling their noses and inspecting the soles of their shoes to find the source of the stench. Those eating lunch Wednesday at Santa Rosa's Old Courthouse Square described the smell as barnyard, rotting trash, sweaty socks or rotten eggs. One caller to The Press Democrat said the air over Santa Rosa was like the smell of dirty diapers.

Next thing you know there will be some ballot thingy discussing how, when, where farmers can do what they try do to, you know, FARM. Sometimes they pass, mostly they don't, because this IS a farming county.


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