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Tuesday, June 14, 2005
Attention!! "Blogs for McCain's Opponent"
Well, it has been entertaining to watch the "Blogs for McCain's Opponent" grow and blossom. It's entertaining because, oh my, it would be such an incredible experience to see them all vote the Democratic ticket! Way to go Blues!

The next scene in this many act play has just started. To wit:
McCain May Be Bush's Ticket
McCain-Bush in 2008?
That would be John and Jeb, the most logical Republican ticket if the party remains in the polling doldrums. If President Bush and his political maestro, Karl Rove, decide that the only way to create a political legacy is to nod toward the Arizona senator with whom they have battled and feuded, they will go for the guy who can win.
The article goes on to note that while George W. and McCain can't stand each other, McCain decided to support W in 2004. Considering the Republicans' ethics woes, McCain would be a plus there as well, since he has a "squeeky clean" image would certainly help out. Also -
And if middle-class income growth is sluggish, bread-and-butter discontent will benefit any Democrat running on a throw-the-bums-out platform. McCain could promise just enough change to win the election. He voted against Bush's tax policies, yet he is also among the most fiscally conservative members of the Senate.

And thereby pulling in some of those "Centrist" voters - perhaps the South Park Republicans and the Coyote Democrats who currently feel dis-enfranchised by their own parties. (see note)
For all these reasons, Bush and McCain could end up as each other's best friends. Bush has been battling, with Rove's help, for a long-term political realignment in favor of the Republicans. The president could well come to see McCain as the only Republican with a chance to push a Republican era forward. McCain, in turn, knows that his only way around the Republican right is to run with Bush's open blessing, if not his outright endorsement.
. . . George W. Bush and John McCain may prefer not to need each other. But by 2008, they could well become codependent. American politics has produced stranger alliances.
I am eagerly awaiting to see how this scene plays out!

(note: I first heard "South Park Republicans" from the Llama Butchers, but I can't find it in their archives)


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