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Thursday, June 16, 2005
Blogging for six months
(This will stay at the top until the 16th. New posts for Monday, etc, appear just below this one)

On June 16th I will have had my blog for 6 months. There are a couple bloggers who are now rolling their eyes and shaking their heads. Yeah, what were WE thinking?

I found Daisy Cutter thru the MilBlogs ring. Since I write to several of our soldiers overseas, I had gone looking for information about those place. In the process, I found several interesting web-sites on Mil-blogs, Daisy Cutter's being one of them. Altho I occasionally emailed or left comments on the other sites, DC was the first one (in 6 months of reading) to respond to me. I had emailed an observation to him that I thought might be embarrassing to him if I posted it in the comments. He said, no no, really, you should write it in comments, you have an interesting point of view. Later he encouraged me to get my own blog and post my ideas and opinions there.

Enter Jeremy at American Warmonger. I found a link to Jeremy's site from DC's. I think Jeremy had been helping Daisy with his web-site that someone had hacked. Daisy had outrageously, and very humorously, accused the local moonbats, but it was just mice, really, Daisy, just mice. In reading Jeremy's site, I commented at length on a letter he had posted. There ensued a considerable discussion. OK, a heated discussion, which ended in my apologizing profusely to Jeremy and Jeremy commenting "check your email for my response". Oh, no! I figured he had sent me some flaming missive. But no! He had gone to blogger and set up a blog for ME! Wow! I emailed him the colors for the template and there it was: JULIE WITH A B.

Daisy Cutter had links on his site all ready to go, waiting for my first post. But what to say? I had been writing my opinions in response to their posts! How to write something original? Who was I, anyhow?

If you read my site every now and then you'll realize that.... I still don't know who I am. I've decided it's not a problem, OK? Just deal with it.

Others have helped me greatly along the way. JR at the Tattlers with technical advice, as in how to do THIS. Nickie at Hey Relax, I'm just Sayin' (now Nickie Goomba's)with encouragement and bad puns all his own, all the while professing that he hated bad puns.

Charlie at Pusillanimous Wankers was the first person to invite me to post on his site. Charlie is an incredible writer, well defined in his personal vision, and so prolific that the news story had hardly hit the wires before he had an article excerpted and his own commentary in place. I was awestruck. It took another month before I posted there.

Many have followed - Jess at LOSLI, who is very funny despite himself; Will at Wills4223, encouraging my Leftist tendencies and including me on his site; Teach at Pirate's Cove, speaking to me even tho I am Left; and the host of others in the "Linky Love" section of my site.

Thank you to all of you. For coming to read, to comment, to argue, and to entertain me.


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