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Sunday, June 19, 2005
Earthquakes notwithstanding.... we're still here
For those of you hoping that the Left Coast will jiggle itself into the sea, not this time. Pretty much the whole state rattles and rolls fairly constantly, but people take notice of the bigger quakes. I live about 45 miles north of San Francisco in a fairly seismically active area. There are a bunch of active geysers within 25 - 30 miles, however, one large steam field is used for steam power generation. There is a cool website where you can go and check out recent quakes. There were two at the geysers this morning.

An earthquake mostly means that the windows rattle a bit, of course, that could also just be a truck going by as well. Sometimes you can hear an earthquake coming with a low rumbling that becomes louder as the windows rattle with it. Every once in awhile we have one that just ripples and doesn't make a sound except for the house creaking. That kind is a little creepy.


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