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Sunday, June 19, 2005
The horse show...
When there is a horse show at our barn everyone lends a hand. It is pretty fun. I have gotten to "scribe" for the judge several time. At a Dressage show the competitors ride alone in the arena and ride a specific pattern. The higher the level the more difficult the pattern. The judge awards points on how well the horse accomplishes the movements. The judge talks the entire time and the scribe, obviously, writes down every word the judge says and the score for each movement. It's hectic and not easy, but if you're patient, the scribe learns from the professional rider/trained judge sitting next to her. I got to do this both Saturday and Sunday.

The first picture is the view from the judge's shed. This shed is quite elegant with a counter and seats, flowers, and bowl of fruit. Often its just a table with an umbrella over it!

The second picture was to illustrate that fact that Dressage is a formal sport. The riders all wear black or dark coats, white breeches, and a hard hat or bowler. The upper level riders where a top hat and tail coats. Pity the rider - the coats are almost always wool, the sun is hot, and the riding is hard work.

The third picture is one of the teenagers at the barn, Perris, on her horse Axel. She is a tiny stick-child weighing 100 lbs drippng wet, but she and Axel get along quite well.


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