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Thursday, June 30, 2005
Introducing a couple new links.....
Two new military linkies:

Doc in the Box (who posted Mrs. G's solution to the Gap problem) - He has been to Iraq and back, currently he is "home" in San Diego. He posts and has links to many other military bloggers.

Why does JulieB have military linkies? Because, through Soldiers' Angels, I write to military personnel in other parts of the world. When I started I wanted news about the areas where they were. Certainly didn't find it thru the MSM, so through Google searches found various MilBloggers who were in Iraq and Afghanistan. Eventually I arrived in the blogosphere myself. I still write letters, I still look for news. Hence, the Milbog linkies.

Paint it Black - Sgt. Devore is in Baghdad. Go read his story - he certainly needs everyone's support, especially right now.


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