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Saturday, June 25, 2005
NASCAR weekend at Infineon raceway
Well, it used to be Sears Point Raceway, but nevermind. My spies spotted Jeff Gordon for me. Oh yeah, my guy. I have a DuPont T-shirt signed by Jeff Gordon and another one with his picture on the front, the car on the back. Ah, yup. The raceway is about a half hour south of where I live.
Darren Bogle staked out a spot at the Infineon Raceway heliport Friday, waiting patiently for NASCAR drivers Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson.

"This is the best place to get autographs," said Bogle, a Sonora resident who was waiting with his son, Kevin, both decked out in NASCAR jackets and caps. "But you never know when they will come in. We could be waiting here a while."

The heliport is set up every year for the NASCAR weekend at Infineon as the ultimate way to beat the traffic on surrounding highways, particularly on Sunday, race day.

For the drivers, it's necessary if they are going to fit a West Coast race into their predominantly Southern sport.

"Most of these drivers turn right around Sunday and will be on their way to the East Coast before dark," said Steve Page, Infineon Raceway president. "They have to be in Daytona for an event four days later."


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