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Monday, June 13, 2005
Schwarzenegger's special election
There are four measures that will be sent to the people in a general election.
Schwarzenegger, 57, is staking his political career on initiatives that would increase his power over the state's $100 billion budget and inject more competition into legislative races now dominated by Democrats. His decision comes after his popularity plunged this year over conflicts with state unions, sapping the sway over lawmakers that last year helped him win an overhaul to the state insurance system.
``His personal political gravitas is on the line,'' said John Nienstedt, a San Diego pollster for Competitive Edge Research & Communication, a political consulting firm. ``If he doesn't bring home the bacon on these things he is going to be wounded for his last year in office.''
The governor's decision sets the stage for a five-month election campaign in the most populous U.S. state over eight initiatives that may appear before voters, ranging from a requirement that unions get members' consent for political contributions to one that would prevent women under 18 years old from getting abortions before their parents are notified.

That being said, my issue is that this special election will cost approximately $70 million dollars. It won't cost the State $70 million, it will cost all of the individual counties that much.

When Arnold became governor, he very generously rolled back the vehicle tax. How nice of him! But you see, the vehicle tax didn't belong to the State, it belonged to the counties for administration. The State just collected it as part of the annual vehicle registration.

Please stop now, Arnie, we really can't afford you!


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