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Friday, June 10, 2005
Two more ballot measures walk out of meeting, approval dips to new low.
"A challenge... write a headline and tie three news stories to it. We will call this the LOSLI News Meme.
Let's see how Julie does with it?"

Announcing an afternoon of declining approval, GOP Chairman walks out of meeting, heading straight for the beach and the warm sand and the girls and the drinks with little ballots in them.

Hmmm... I don't think that's what Jess meant. I'll try this again.

The GOP Chairman walked off with the gavel and into the Secretary of State's office where they will be announcing Congress and President Bush's new low approval rating.

No, no, that one just isn't FUN. . .

Announcing a declining GOP Chairman, the Secretary of State's office reconvened the meeting on the Secretary's yacht moored outside of the prestigious St. Francis yacht club, where they could all recline on the cushions and enjoy fine wines, cheese, and fruit served by nymphets doing the limbo - -
How low can you go!!

So vote for your favorite, eh?


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