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Wednesday, June 01, 2005
Some time ago I got into a heavy discussion about unions with a friend of mine. I was trying to explain that I felt the old administration heavy unions were an anachronism. That there was a place for unions, but smaller entrepreneur type unions for specific types of workers. He answered me with an interesting diatribe from his own experience. I was blown away and said, Gosh! Why don't you post on this? He said that he couldn't, because it involved his work. So here it is from my own un-named source:
I am (source). I am who I am? Why a question mark there? Because often I wonder can I be who I claim to be. I am a Business Democrat. I believe that people who work harder should be paid better than somebody that does nothing. I believe that in the workplace people should be paid for what they accomplish not what some union fat cat who comes to a job once year in his Caddie can negotiate. I believe that unions had their place, and may someday yet, but with today's laws and labor standards the unions have made themselves not only archaic but useless. I am a firm believer that a person that works all day should receive a fair day's pay.

I have seen people, that were just trying to make a living for their families, whose lives were threatened. I have seen the labor movement literally break their strongest supporters, honoring a picket without a job to go to and paying them $10 a day to protest. I have seen Boss Hogg looking pr!cks drive around in their cars smiling, and meeting their mistresses for a late lunch while their people went hungry.

I have worked my way from literally the lowest person on the totem pole to become a manager, without any help of any union. I got my degrees. I proved that, yes a person can make it.

I am sick and tired of Democrats being labor's party. I am not against what the labor movement accomplished early in the 20th century, but I am against labor's bullying of my party. I wish that just once a Democrat would stand up and say "Yes, I am a Democrat... but I can not support labor's actions."

Some background. I have seen unions burn people's livelihoods to the ground. How does that advance the movement? Quite simply it does not. To help the worker, yet take their job? How fucking ignorant can you get? The term "cut off your nose to spite your face" comes to mind.

The unions are for the weakest link, they are for the person that can not make it any other way. Does the Democratic Party really want to be the weakest link? I for one do not.

I am sick and tired of people in academia that have never proven their merits in the real world praising the unions. They are great in a text book, but in real life they are worth their own weight in kangaroo shit.

I have found that in my life my investments in companies paid far more dividends than my investments in a bureaucracy. Unions are going to break not only the economy of this country but the workers.

How is that worth your $48.00 a month in dues?

The bottom line. If a company does not make money... How do you expect to keep your job? If Democrat's want to become the people's party again then they must prove that they hear other voices like my own out there. They must be the inclusive party that kept the majority in congress for 50 years. Right now I feel quite excluded and the Libertarian tent looks quite tempting.

A challenge to Democrats. Save me. Become our party. There are more of us out there. Welcome the business world back into the fold. We have been waiting patiently and politely for your invitation.


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