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Sunday, July 24, 2005
Baby horse pics
The barn where I ride is primarily a breeding facility. There are currently four stallions in residence and about 20 mares. The stallions, of course, stand stud for many mares outside of the farm as well.
The babies arrive mostly in late spring. These horses are warm bloods - mostly Oldenburgs, a Hanovarian, and several Dutch warmblood mares.
And this year's babies are as cute as ever. There is a little bay filly (the one with the blue fly mask on) and two little colts, a dark brown and a chestnut. They are so curious! The dark brown colt, Dominic, puts his tiny nose up on the fence rail in hope that you will pat him and talk to him.
All of the mares are protective, so that if you seem to be focusing your attention on their baby, they will very purposefully step between you and the little one. Makes it hard to take pictures!


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