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Friday, July 15, 2005
Conflict? Ya think??
Schwarzenegger earns millions on supplements
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has no plans to end his $5 million consulting job with two muscle magazines, an aide said Thursday, despite lawmaker demands that he sever the ties because it appears to be a conflict of interest.
The arrangement appears legal because lawmakers are allowed to hold outside jobs, experts say, but it looks bad. That's because Schwarzenegger's pay is based on the magazines' advertising sales, much of which come from supplement makers.
Last year, Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill that would have barred students from participating in high school sports unless they agreed not to use performance-enhancing dietary supplements.
A similar measure is again pending in the Legislature.

Hmmm, what about this "appears" legal?

He makes money from advertisers of supplements. If the advertisers lose money because he signs this bill, will he make less money? Well yeah. Is there a conflict of interest? Sure. All he has to do is consign the profits to his favorite charity while he is governor, and there would be no conflict. I suspect he can afford it.

C'mon Arnie do the right thing.


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