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Thursday, July 21, 2005
If you're going to cheat . . .
don't be so obvious about it. Politics is sleight of hand, spin, the right words to lean the votes your way, the finer points of coersion. However, someone was pushing the envelope a bit here.
From the LA Times: Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Gail Ohanesian ruled that the initiative should not have been placed on the Nov. 8 ballot because the wording circulated on voter petitions had not been approved according to law.

The decision was a victory for Attorney General Bill Lockyer, who had sued to block Proposition 77 upon learning that backers had submitted one version to his office -- the first stop in California's initiative process -- but circulated a different one to the more than 950,000 voters who signed petitions to put it on the ballot.

The ruling, which Proposition 77 proponents vowed to appeal, seriously weakens the ambitious plan that Schwarzenegger spelled out in his January State of the State speech. Already the governor has dropped a public pension overhaul initiative because of errors in the way it was written.

Maybe he should have had some of his Hollywood friends do the writing?

And this is a bit over the top -

Schwarzenegger spokeswoman Margita Thompson said the governor was "disappointed that the ruling has silenced the voices of 950,000 Californians. He hopes the proponents will appeal."

Sounds like a lot of people? Well, there are 13 million in Los Angeles alone. Silence Californians? Hello! What part of California does she live in? Silence is not part of the California culture.

While I'm not sure that the single party system California seems to have is a good thing, I don't think this is the way to get the job done.


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