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Friday, July 15, 2005
Once again the Grove is in session
For the last couple days helicopters and small jets and airplanes have been flocking to Sonoma County Airport, ferrying the latest and greates leaders for the Bohemian Grove weekend. Lest you think you can actually spot some famous names. . . . guess again. They exit quickly to limos that glide directly out River Road to the Grove. As always, there are protestors of various stripes. Some of them with reality based gripes and some. . . . just come to protest.
For the fun of it here is a quote from the Sonoma County Free Press:
The Cremation of Care ritual is over one hundred years old and is always the first order of business when these men of industry, government, and military gather each July. At sundown on the first Saturday of their encampment they enact a bizarre short scripted play (always the same) in which they burn an effigy of "Dull Care" at the bottom of a forty-foot stone owl. Their rationale is that they carry the cares of the world around on their shoulders and they need a symbolic ritual in order to put it down and enjoy their holiday. Since 1980, activists in Sonoma County have brought this to the attention of anyone who will listen and we began a new tradition with a Resurrection of Care event on the same day.

The link will take you to pages with history about the Grove and who haunts there, as well as the current planned protest marches, speeches, and what not.


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