Julie with a B

Monday, July 18, 2005
The weekend went like this - 3 hours of Tour de France on Friday evening (recorded earlier in the day), most of Saturday spent riding the horse under blue skies, balmy breezes, the temperature in the high 80's, low humidity (for those of you living in Texas), and 3 more hours of Tour de France, (the Americans are knockin' 'em dead!), the arrival of my copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (stop laughing, it is a terrific story and this latest is worth every cent), Sunday spent riding, reading, and then watching George Hincapie win his first stage in the Tour de France after being Lance Armstrong's main support for 10 years (!) and Lance still in the yellow jersey(!!) . . . . well, no computers were turned on at JulieB's house this weekend!


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