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Sunday, July 10, 2005
Saturday was nice. . . Sunday...
So JulieB has this on-going battle with her back garden. For some time the back garden has been winning.

When the house was remodeled a few years ago, part of the concrete patio was removed to add on a room. Unfortunately, I wish that more of the patio had been left in place. Lacking funds to have someone build a deck and steps (estimates averaged around $7 - 8,000), I . . . . waited. Or, perhaps, procrastinated. To be honest the choice was a lovely deck and landscaped yard (about $20,00) or a horse! As much as I whine about the back garden, the horse was the much better choice, in my mind.

Therefore . . . the cheap alternative . . .I decided, awhile ago, to put down concrete squares and plant . . . green stuff ... in between them. I ended up with 1' squares, since that is what I can easily lift. Don't laugh. I moved roughly 4 dozen of them around several times last weekend trying to figure out how I wanted them to look. Then I moved 24 of them gradually into place, setting the woolly thyme plants in between them. I have . . . many more to go. I was going to try to work on it in the evenings, but I got home, turned on the Tour de France, ate dinner, and . . .

So this is today's project - go to the nursery to by another flat of woolly thyme and put at least 2 dozen more of these suckers in place. Today. I'll get right to it. Any moment now.


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