Julie with a B

Thursday, July 21, 2005
Still waiting for the discussion on Roberts...
There isn't anything real yet. He's conservative, Catholic, not much experience as a judge, well, so? Seems meticulous, nice guy, quiet record, so?
I don't think he's a given. He shouldn't be. He should be questioned carefully. Then let's see. No pre-judging? OK.

Rumor has it that Bush announced his nominee a little more quickly than he planned in order to distract from the Plame affair. Might be an idea, not much going on inside the Beltway during the recess, therefore, not alot to gossip about except the Plame affair. I don't think it's working though, since it was back in the news this evening. As well it might be. While outing Plame walks a fine line on legality, the main point is that it was a slap to Wilson who spoke out against the weapons of mass destruction hysteria. That's it. If you speak out against the administration, bad things happen to your family.


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