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Tuesday, July 26, 2005
The Supreme Court and Abortion
As the discussion about John Roberts roils about Washington, D.C. the question of abortion and Roe v Wade comes up over and over. While I have a bigger concern with Roberts' attitudes towards the environment, Roe seems to return to the top. Should abortion be turned over to the states? The problems are many and mostly involve hardship for poor women. As I tried to formulate my own opinions I ran across an article. I think it fairly states the case and is a good place to open a discussion. The article does not lend itself to excerpting . . . so take a minute and read:
Should Roe Go?

To be clear on this, I am in favor of limited abortion. I personally think that any woman should have the right for a no questions asked abortion before the beginning of the fifth month. After that there needs to be extenuating health issues for ending a pregnancy.


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