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Tuesday, July 26, 2005
Way cool reptile
At lunch today I visited my favorite pet store to buy cat and dog food. Big bag of cat food (4 cats) smaller bag of dog food, it just seems wrong. . . HOWEVER, I love this place because it is truly a mini-ark. There are many different kinds of birds, usually just a pair or two (today's favorite was the pair of "parrotlets" - very cute), there are rabbits, mice, rats, lots of snakes of all sizes and varieties, and lizards and geckos galore. They occasionally have snakes on loan from the Lawrence Hall of Science down in Berkeley - notably "Selma" a huge ball python who visited for a month or so.

My favorite lizard today was a "fringed basalisk lizard". Oh my. He was really something else. If the store hadn't been so busy I would have asked them if I could hold it. It was probably 18" long, but most of that was a long whippy tail. But he was beautiful!


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