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Saturday, July 23, 2005
OK, I don't usually whine about the weather (she's lying) but at the moment....4:15 pm my time it is 100 degrees outside. Now weather.com tells me that the "real feel" is 96 degrees. Couldn't prove it by me.

For those of you in Texas, NW Houston in particular, the humidity here is 16%.

It was odd though. Yesterday afternoon was quite lovely - cool, in the 60's by 5 last night, with the fog bank hovering just the other side of the hills. Came home and opened all the windows, it was cool and nice. Then last night about 11:00 it got warmer. Warmer? Hey! Yes, like kick off the blankets and go find the fan, warmer. The temperature this morning was 82. Hmph. Something is backwards in the upper atmosphere and all that hot central valley air came rushing at us. EUWW.

OK, I'm better now. Thanks for listening.


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