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Tuesday, July 05, 2005
Wetlands at the south end of Sonoma County
New Life for Plan to Restore Wetlands
Historically, the 4,400-acre island was part of one of the most extensive wetlands networks on the Pacific Coast, serving as a fish hatchery for salmon, a rest stop for migrating shorebirds and home to a variety of other wildlife. But to create farmland, the island was drained, diked and converted to hayfields, displacing wildlife.

The site is coming from the Navy, and it is down to wrangling over who would be responsible for any contamination on the site. Since it will be transferred from the Federal Government to the State Department of Fish and Game, the Navy would be responsible. "So far, studies have found no significant contamination and the site is expected to be clean, state and federal officials said." So this marvelous project should be a go.


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