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Saturday, August 06, 2005
And... the Saturday Night Nekkid guy...

At least he's interesting..... he was in Berkeley, CA and, here, is selling bumper stickers that say "Hey man, it's just a dxxk!"
Further photos here. And more info from that website:

It took a hell of a lot of courage, but Andrew did it. He knew that there was nothing dirty or shameful about his body, and decided to start going to college classes in the nude! Since he was attending the University of California, Berkeley, at the time -- a very liberal school -- many people thought he would get away with it. And in our minds and hearts, he did.

But eventually Berkeley kicked him out, after passing a rule against going naked on campus -- a rule specifically aimed at him. Andrew continued hanging around Berkeley, was arrested for public nudity by the city of Berkeley, fought the charges -- and won! For many months, it was perfectly legal to walk around nude in Berkeley -- until that famously liberal city, too, passed a law against it.


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