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Monday, September 12, 2005
Honey I'm home!
OK, OK, I'm still breathing...barely.
Work has become a pretty toxic social environment. I think it is temporary, but its been ugly.
Unfortunately when stuff like this happens its hard to not think about it all the time. Even my sense of humor went in the dumper... I dug deep and found it, but euw! it will be fine once I peel the candy bar wrappers off of it, dunk it in disinfectant, and give it a day or so to dry out.

In the meantime, how about a pun?

Here is a story about a famous food critic's recent visit to Europe last summer.

He had a delightful time sampling the cuisine in Italy, France and Germany, but he made the mistake of stopping off in London on the way home.
Needless to say, he found English food bland and overcooked.
However, one day he had a great meal of fish & chips at a London pub.
He asked the manager of the pub if he could have the recipe for the fish and chips.
The manager confessed that he bought his fish and chips from a nearby monastery, and so our critic would have to get the recipe from one of the brothers.
So he quickly ran down the street to the monastery and knocked on the door.
When one of the brothers came to the door, he asked him if he were the "Fish Friar."
The brother replied, "Nope, I'm the Chip Monk!"


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