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Friday, September 30, 2005
Why is it?
That when the political scene heats up, someone thinks I should be working. That is just so wrong. So much to write about I can't make up my mind.
Meanwhile... I moved the horse from one barn to another. So? Well it is a bit of a production. I don't own a truck and trailer, so I have to find someone and sucker them into hooking up their trailer. Then there is the fussy horse. You let down the ramp on the trailer and the horse looks in. "You must be joking! You want me to actually walk into that little box??" "Yes, Bandit, just walk in." He gives me "the look" and carefully tip-toes up the ramp and to the front of the trailer, where he huddles, waiting for me to pat him and re-assure him. I shut the back and we drive the 15 minutes down the road to the new (cheaper) barn. Opening the trailer, Bandit is still huddled at the front of the trailer, glaring at me. "How could you do that to me? That was just horrid, the floor was, well, jiggling!!" I took his lead rope and told him to walk slowly out the trailer, which he does. Only his idea of slowly is moving like a Great Blue Heron stalking the shallows of a pond; he carefully picks up one foot, slowly setting it down, then another foot. It took several minutes to walk him out of the trailer.
I returned after work last night to check on him. He is a little despondent. During the day he is turned out in a large paddock. But he is used to sharing his space with a big black horse named Atom. Too my eyes, Atom was a bully of the first water, only allowing Bandit scraps of his food. Bandit didn't seem to care. They happily stood nose to tail swishing flies. They argued while they waited at the gate for the hay to be thrown over to them. And stood over one another as they slept. But now, no pasture buddy. He seems to be friends with Max in a neighboring paddock. They nicker and run back and forth along the fence. They reach over the fence and scritch each others necks. But its not the same. He misses Atom.
I, however, am looking forward to some long rides thru the vineyards. There are two large arenas to ride in. There is a pond with a resident swan.... a swan. There are big pine trees around the arena shading it most of the day. Ahhhhh.


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