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Friday, October 07, 2005
Sing it again with feeling?
Why is that the Prez feels that if he just says the same thing again...and again...and again that that will make it so? He has stated repeatedly that Ms. Miers will be confirmed, will sit on the bench, etc. Somehow I don't think that it will work this time. My own doubts are about who she is and how suitable she is for the level of position she is being nominated for. I don't doubt that "she is a nice person" as the Prez has stated. In John Roberts case the Prez chose someone who was very qualified for the job albeit a black box as far as how he might decide certain issues. Unfortunately, Harriet Miers is unqualified and so much of a black box that other conservatives are unwilling to support her on the slim evidence that is offered.

I was amazed to find even staunch fearless leader worshipers like Daisy Cutter, dissenting on this one. Oh my! However tempting I cannot support her on that bizarre theory of "my enemy's enemy is my friend". First of all DC isn't my enemy, just the opposition, and I still can't support Miers on just the fact that she was involved with the ABA and they are more liberal than conservative.

I think the Prez needs to toss this one back and put the line back in the water. . .


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