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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
And Ken call's Bill O'Reilly's bluff . . .
From Ken is a Verb, Friday, November 11- "Kind of Ironic"
Seems Bill got all riled up over SF's outcomes. Not that I vote in the SF district, but I'm pleased he's pissed.

I suppose I'll put it this way: Bill, I call your bluff. Let's have it your way. Let the mighty US military stop protecting us San Franciscans from the evil terrorists, and we'll just suffer the consequences. They can put away the tanks and stop the air cover they're flying. Oh, right, there are no tanks. There is no air cover. Well at least the guys at the security checkpoints who keep a terrorist from blowing up a U-haul full of fertilizer on the golden gate bridge during rush hour can go home. Oh, wait, there are no check points. There is no active protection of this city in any specific way.

And Ken's solution to this "problem"?
For the next thirty seconds I shall use my amazing super powers to protect you, my dear reader, from terrorist attack.

Be sure to head over to Ken's as he describes, in detail, how he will do that!


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