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Wednesday, November 02, 2005
But some conflict on Alito here
This was good. From Bloomberg.com
Senator Richard Durbin, a Democrat from Illinois, said Alito told him in their private meeting that he recognized a right to privacy, the principle that underlies the Supreme Court's abortion rights rulings. ``I think he believes in that fundamental right,'' Durbin told reporters in Washington. He added that Alito didn't say if he would apply it in abortion cases.

However, from the same article, these comments made me choke.
On abortion, Nelson expressed support for a dissenting opinion by Alito that said states can require a married woman to notify her husband before ending a pregnancy. As governor of Nebraska, Nelson said, he helped push legislation requiring a waiting period for women before an abortion and that minors get parental consent for the procedure.
``I thought it was a legitimate effort by the state legislature, and, with my urging, to get those enhancements in place because I thought it was the role of the state to do so,'' Nelson said. ``It is pretty clear that judge Alito feels similarly.''

No, guys. It does not help to be *required* to tell your husband. If you have a working relationship with your husband, you don't have to be *required* to tell him. More on this issue later. *Waiting time* simply means that you have to wait. Just that. By the time one has actually made the arraingments for an abortion, you have thought, worried, cried, and made the decision. Waiting is just adding punishment to the agony of that decision. I guess that's what's intended?
However this comment was encouraging,
Durbin said Alito told him that the dissent ``was a tough decision'' to write.
``He spent more time worrying over, and working on, that dissent than any other'' opinion he ever wrote,'' Durbin said. ``I was glad to hear that.''


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