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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
The Legend of Zorro or Hollywood Bites Back
The Legend of Zorro - A movie worth watching because its fun and for the tongue in cheek comments it makes. The movie opens 10 years after the last Zorro movie - Don de la Vega is still off gallavanting around as the masked crusader and his wife is just sick and tired of it. His 10 yr son thinks his father is a mild mannered wuss, since he isn't in on the Zorro secret. On Zorro's way out the door his wife gives him the ultimatum, "if you go out that door, you can stay out!" Oh my. Not all is happy in the lush manor of the illustrious Don de la Vega.
The wife divorces him and heads for the arms of another man - but not just any other man, unbeknownst to her - the head of a world wide terrorist organization! Oh no! An organization aided by the evil looking "crusader for God" and his followers.
There are Pinkerton men involved as well, secret messages and secret alliances.
So we have "the government", "bad terrorist guys", "righteous religious warriors", and a family in the midst of breaking up.
Never fear, it all turns out well, with the family happily together and the "terrorists"banished, and Hollywood has a field day with the Right that has been taking potshots at it.

Oh. And they blow up alot of stuff and, despite its PG rating, its pretty violent. However, my 84 yr old mother absolutely loved it. She used to be a surgical nurse though, so she thinks the gorey stuff is just fine. I look the other way.


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