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Saturday, November 12, 2005
Saturday blogging... why?
I dunno. Just found myself sitting at the computer . . . well, I'm facing a big bank of windows with a view of the backyard in "Fall" mode. So I'm at least thinking of raking the leaves while I sit here. It is once again stunning weather. Cool in the shade, just warm enough in the sun, a little breeze, perfect barn weather! OK. So I go and ride even in the pouring rain, but its more fun like it is today, OK?
Are you out there?
Didn't think so.
I do believe that I was the ONLY person at work yesterday. Some great Veteran's Day posts out there. I should list them... nope its Saturday.
I nipped down to the Sitemeter to see who comes to Julie with a B. Sadly...mostly people who Googled "naked guy" or "Satyr" or "Giant Squid" or . . . yeah the Giant Squid, you know this guy:


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