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Tuesday, November 01, 2005
Save marriage from what?
From Gary over at American Regression:
The Senate Judiciary Committee is ready to attempt to advance a newly minted, and renamed faith-based initiative that we all know as the Anti-Gay Amendment to the United States Constitution.They now call it the: "Marriage Protection Amendment."If they want to protect marriage, then they need to stop heterosexual couples from having a cavalier attitude about divorce! Stop legal divorce, and you protect marriage. Stopping committed Americans from legally solidifying their relationship is not protecting marriage. This faith-based initiative is all about hatred and bigotry. But we all know that already. The time is now to fight it!
My Senator, Arlen Specter is the head of the Judiciary Committee. He has the power to stop this from moving forward. He needs to hear from us, and right away!You can call his Washington office at (202)-224-4254. Simply urge him to "stop" or "oppose" the so-called "marriage protection amendment."


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