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Friday, November 25, 2005
That paperweight was supposed to be a cell-phone
There is NO cell coverage in my house. There is coverage if you walk out the front door and loiter about the stop sign 20 feet away. However if you go 100 feet east . . . no more coverage. Continue to the street corner, turn right, go 1/4 mile turn right again and . . . now can dial that call. You'll have coverage . . . for awhile.
About 3 months ago, I was standing on the hillside with a stunning view over Santa Rosa Plain and most of the City itself, but. . I had no cell coverage. This was a problem because a fellow horse rider had taken a fall and needed an ambulance. It was a Sunday, the caretaker wasn't home. Someone drove across the street and knocked on a door to get a landline so we could call in emergency services.
And I'm not the only one whining. From the Press Democrat
BEWARE THE DREADED DEAD SPOT: The single, flickering bar on Lisa Montgomery's cell phone display confirmed her worst fears -- she was in a cell phone dead spot.
The 21-year-old student had been driving along a dark stretch of Sonoma County highway near Freestone when she hit a deer, disabling her car.
She reached for her cell phone to call for help. It was after midnight and she was miles from her Occidental home. But the phone didn't work. She was in a spot with no reception. So she started walking.
"I didn't get home until 5 a.m.," said Montgomery, a Santa Rosa Junior College student who was returning from the Oakland airport. "I felt stranded and alone."
Montgomery has company. Cell phone users across the North Coast say they are frustrated by poor or no service -- a problem that often leaves them cut off from the world at critical times.

So where's my reduced fee for reduced coverage? Ha, well, I have Cingular and so does my sister so we can talk for free, or, no extra charge. Why is this good? She lives in Hershey, PA and I live in California. I think I shall have to park in a NOT dead zone and rack up some minutes. . .


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