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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
Today is election day...
A note from Gubernator Schwartzenhoffenpuffen:
In a final flurry of campaigning Monday, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger told voters that today would be "Judgment Day."

The propositions are (with my enlightening commentary):
PROPOSITION 75: Would require public employee unions to obtain written consent of members to use dues or fees for political purposes.
(currently members simply check a box to opt-OUT of spending for political purposes, if this passes, they will check the box to opt-IN, so unions would lose the ability to lobby for lazy voters, hmmm)
PROPOSITION 76: Would limit increases in state spending, use excess revenues to pay off state debt and for road and school projects and would permit the governor to cut spending, including politically sensitive school spending, when revenues fall below forecast.

(no one thinks this is a good idea)
PROPOSITION 77: Would authorize a panel of retired judges to draw boundaries of legislative districts. The legislature is currently in charge of redistricting.

(um, no.)
PROPOSITION 78: Would establish a state government discount prescription drug program for the financially needy.

(this sucks)
PROPOSITION 79: Would provide for prescription drug discounts to Californians based on income and to be funded by rebates from drug manufacturers negotiated with the state government.

(but so does this one)
PROPOSITION 80: Would repeal provisions of 1996 electricity deregulation, reauthorize the California Public Utilities Commission to regulate electric service providers and requires 20 percent of electricity by 2010 to be generated from renewable sources.
(the time machine has never worked, this would restrict who government agencies could buy energy from, which would increase costs, and restricts energy sources for all consumers, large and small, discouraging alternate energy suppliers)

So there you have it. And this cost the State of California millions of dollars. Why didn't we just use this money for schools? Eh? Why not? The buildings are falling down.


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